Hosted by Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg


General Rules

The ACM ICPC regional contest rules can be found at the ICPC regionals web site: general regional contest rules

In addition to these rules, the following local rules apply.

Contest Material

We follow the World Finals' Rules, so the teams are not allowed to bring any reference materials such as books, program listings and notes! You may not bring any electronic device or machine readable media (this includes but is not limited to cell phones, digital cameras, and mp3 players). You may bring pens or pencils, but not paper (these will be provided). Winter coats, bags etc should not be brought to the contest floor.

Your team should prepare a notebook consisting of no more than 25 printed A4 pages (note that this is different from 25 A4 sheets printed in both sides, which would correspond to 50 pages), font size greater or equal to 8. Each team member may use an exact copy of the notebook. You have to submit your team notebook at the registration on Friday. The team notebook (provided by you) and other reference materials (provided by us) will be available during the contest.

Each team member may bring one printed, unannotated natural language dictionary. You may bring mascots such as stuffed toy animals or party hats (provided they do not violate any of the above constraints).

If there is some other item your team needs at the contest, please contact the Head of Jury.

Programming Languages

Allowed programming languages are C, C++, and Java. These are the languages provided in the World Finals.


Teams will be ranked by number of solved problems. In case of a tie, teams with fewer points are ranked first. For each solved problem, the time (in seconds) since contest start will be added to the team's points. For each wrong submission prior to the successful one, 20 penalty minutes are added.

The following tie breaker rule is used for team ranking (c.f. the rules of the ICPC regionals). If two teams solve the same number of problems and have the same total time, the team that first submitted its last accepted problem is ranked higher. In case a tie still remains, the team that first submitted its second-last accepted problem is ranked higher, and so on. In the event that this does not resolve the tie, the ranks will be determined by chance.

Team Composition

All teams who want to participate have to check-in at the registration desk. A team cannot compete in the North Western European Regional Contest if the participation fee is not paid by the start of the actual contest. The location of the registration desk and the office hours will be announced to the participants in advance.

A student may compete if he fulfills the following requirements tree, available at e.pdf.

A certain educational institution may send up to two teams to the North Western European Regional Contest. Team places (two per institution) are assigned on a first-come first-served basis, upon verification of eligibility. If all requests for first and second teams are satisfied, more teams may be accepted based on a first-come first-served basis.

The educational institutions must be from Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany. By special request teams from other countries may be allowed to participate in this region.

The North Western European Regional Contest organizers are absolutely not responsible for the accommodation or other expenses of the teams. Appropriate insurance (e.g. against accidents or diseases) is in the responsibility of each team.